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Our Goal is for You to Reach Your Goal

Welcome to The Home of HCG Medical Weight Loss Center of Boca

We are a company with integrity and a true desire to help our clients along their journey of weight loss with the HCG Diet.

If you have any questions, please give us a call : 954-547-1936.
Or you may use the contact page on this website to email us now. Thank you!

Weight Loss Made Easy!

HCG is the easiest way to lose weight and feel good!

We take care of our patients

We are available during and after hours to answer questions whenever necessary.

A+ Staff

Our staff encourages and trains the clients through each phase of the HCG Diet, including the maintenance phase which brings long term success.

HCG Medical Weight Loss Center of Boca

What separates us from other HCG Weight Loss Centers?

  1. We follow Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet Protocol.
  2. We use pharmaceutical HCG from reputable pharmacies by prescription from a medical doctor on staff.
  3. Each client is coached through all three phases of the HCG diet, including the maintenance phase.
  4. Weekly private sessions are advised to maintain accountability throughout each Phase. At this time, weekly food plans are discussed, and being weighed and measured is recommended.
  5. Our client’s privacy is always respected.
  6. We are always available throughout the week and weekends via phone or text to answer questions that may arise.
  1. The HCG three-phase program is customized to meet the individual needs of each person when necessary.
  2. Our consultants have been trained and have personally completed the HCG diet with Dr. Simeon’s Protocol and can assist our clients with their knowledge and their own personal experience.
  3. We will suggest other diets if we feel this is not the best option, rather than encourage the potential new client to join us. We will always put the client’s best interest first.
  4. Most importantly, we have a sincere concern for the success and well-being of each person that enters the door of HCG Medical Weight Loss Center of Boca. We are committed to helping our clients reach their goal by providing continued support throughout the three phases of the HCG diet.